Are you new to residential rental property investment?
Or are you a seasoned investor who’s wanting to move on deals more quickly
and hoping to save some valuable time in the process?

My Rent Coach was founded to be a resource for investors of all experience levels in residential rental property investing.  When every dollar counts, you need quality, timely, and cost-effective information to make quick decisions about investing in a new property.  Here at My Rent Coach, we set out to create rental comp and rental property analysis tools that are both affordable and reliable.  Make us a part of your team today.

Simple. Fast. Affordable. Reliable.

Why is My Rent Coach the best tool for rental comps?

We use a proprietary rental property analysis tool that is easy to use and simple to understand. Our tool relies on actual property listings that make sure you are getting the most up-to-date comps even in volatile markets, and our easy-to-read charts help you quickly identify outliers that may not be reliable comparisons. Your rental comps are presented in visual charts and graphs that effectively demonstrate how your property compares to others in your area. Our tools save you time and effort so that you can analyze more properties quickly.

Can I try My Rent Coach for free?

We want everyone to have a chance to see how great My Rent Coach is and how much value it can bring. Try out My Rent Coach for free with 5 free property searches. You’ll be amazed at the time savings and thankful for the quick results that help you decide whether that newly listed property is a gold mine or a dud.

How will My Rent Coach’s rental comps save me time and money?

My Rent Coach is here to help you assess properties quickly. When it comes to rental properties, time is literally money. With the My Rent Coach rental comp tools, we’ll show you recent rental listings for properties that compare closely with the property you entered. You’ll instantly know the projected monthly rental income and the range of rental rates you might expect to charge for similar properties. My Rent Coach saves you valuable time during the initial due diligence phases of real estate investing. Don’t miss out on that great property or (worse!) purchase a property that won’t flow cash. Come to us first!

I’m new to investing in residential rental property. How can My Rent Coach help me?

When we first started My Rent Coach, we were new to real estate investing too. We felt priced out of other rental comp tools in the market because we were working on a tight budget to make our first property profitable. My Rent Coach makes reliable rental comps accessible to the new investor with pricing that is affordable and data that is accessible and easy to read.

Try out My Rent Coach today with 5 free searches and then only $9 a month.